Thursday, April 7, 2016

Your Seattle Litigation Support Team

For attorneys around the country who need to interview witnesses in the Pacific Northwest, the travel can be an unwanted expense of time. While on the road or in the air, attorneys could be working on cases for demanding clients or meeting the requirements of court dockets that are becoming more filled each year. Naegeli court reporting services can help attorneys meet their needs by offering professional support to the legal community.

Video links allow lawyers to watch depositions as they happen, and chat functionality enables attorneys from around the country or around the world to consult with colleagues in the room, giving them essentially full remote access from their practices.

The technology is one aspect of Seattle court reporters. Attorneys can also use court reporting services to create searchable, accurate transcripts of meetings, depositions, and other meetings that give lawyers a time saving tool when preparing cases for their clients.

Additionally, transcripts can be archived securely off-site and can be transmitted to attorneys via secure email to protect the confidentiality of clients and their sensitive cases. Encryption can help lawyers have the confidence that their clients’ information is secure.

Using these tools give attorneys more of the valuable commodity of time that has become a dwindling asset for busy and successful attorneys.

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