Monday, April 4, 2016

Benefits of Seattle Realtime Reporting

As an attorney, you have many different court reporting options from which you can choose. Digital reporting involves a reporter transcribing a recorded sound file. Real time reporting involves a Seattle court reporters transcribing the court or other legal proceeding in real time. Here are some of the benefits of this type of reporting.

Many times, depositions and other legal proceedings are held several days in a row, especially if you have several witnesses to interview. If you have a transcription of each day’s deposition that same day, you can use it to put together the deposition questions for the next day.

Another advantage to having a report done in real time is that you can see things in writing, which helps you as a legal professional stay focused and on target. When you can read the report the same day, the details are more likely to stay fresh in your mind and therefore will likely make more sense when you have to recall them later.

A third advantage to real time reporting is that you can correct errors right away rather than waiting for a transcript. If there is a consistent spelling error of someone’s name in a document, it may be difficult to recall the correct spelling later on. However, when you have a report being transcribed in real time, you can correct any errors before they become big issues.

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